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We invest in what we know.

We have invested and worked in the Consumer, Financial Services, Healthcare, and Media & Entertainment sectors for decades.        

We know what we like.

We invest in ideas and companies that will succeed and contribute to key themes playing out in those sectors.


We provide flexible capital solutions.

We have deep understandings of each company's business plan and action plan prior to investment.  This allows us to customized a capital structure that best helps each company achieve its goals.  


We are nimble with deep and broad skill-sets. 

We bring strategic, operational, and financial support to our companies whether simply through making introductions or working on-site with management.


We are aligned with our companies.

We are a family office where each dollar invested is our own.  Our only goal is securing our future through success at our companies.  

  • We invest pari passu with management at our companies.  

  • We do not take fees.  

  • We are not constrained by the terms of fund structure, nor are we swayed by the short term whims and trends of financial markets.  

We are committed to our companies.

We concentrate our investments in a few companies to ensure we are available and focused to help each flourish.  

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