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Select Current Investments
Aalo Atomic

Aalo Atomic will make nuclear cheap enough to power the majority of the world's clean energy needs, while maintaining safety.  

Aalo Atomic is US-based and was founded in 2022. 

Humi Inc.

Humi provides a comprehensive suite of cloud-based human resource management and payroll processing solutions tailored for SMEs. It helps companies best manage and support their employees with products like employee record management, performance review, payroll digest, and integrated employee benefits insurance.

Humi is Toronto-based and was founded in 2016. 

Diagram Ventures

Diagram Ventures is a venture fund with a mandate to launch and invest in, start-up technology ventures that pursue big ideas for innovation in the financial services and healthcare sectors.

Diagram will combine venture capital investment, incubator-style support, and strong relationships with large incumbents into a unique, entrepreneur-friendly model to help its portfolio companies succeed.

Diagram is Montreal-based and was founded in 2016. 


Paays delivers e-Commerce payment financing for a new generation of digital consumers.

Paays is Toronto-based and was founded in 2017. 

Malleum logo.webp
Malleum Partners

Malleum Partners is a fund focused on active, value-add real estate investing.

Malleum is based in Hamilton, Ontario and was founded in 2018. 

Select Exited Investments
Aspire Financial Technologies

Aspire facilitates better data and communication flow between loan originators and investors in the alternative and asset-backed lending markets through its Aspire Gateway platform and analytics tools.  

Aspire is Toronto-based and was founded in 2015. 

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