Paper Craft


Strategic Advisory

We have worked or invested in various businesses in Healthcare and Financial Services through cycles and regulatory paradigms.  We help our companies think through issues drawing from past experiences and best practices.

  • Define go-to-market strategy

  • Fine tune sales process and cycle

  • Secure partnership

  • Define governance 

Financial and Capital Markets Advisory

We bring our significant financial bench strength  to our portfolio companies.   

  • Budgeting
    • Design reporting packages  
    • Manage and optimize cashflow
    • Streamline AP / AR functions

  • Forecasting

    • Build and evaluate forecast models

    • Create and structure incentive plans

  • Capital raising

    • Prepare investor decks

    • Formulate valuation views

    • Evaluate best capital sources

    • Facilitate connections with capital sources 

  • M&A

    • Explore potential targets

    • Support diligence efforts

    • Source or/and provide capital 

    • Help with deal structuring

    • Aid in post transaction integration 

Operational Improvements

Every business can benefit from a review of their operational protocols.  Our partners and advisers have completed initiatives alongside or directly inside portfolio companies.

  • Source and produce prototypes

  • Optimize production of on-going products

  • Improve packaging and branding

  • Implement or upgrade IT systems 

  • Integration and transition following M&A 

Capital Support

Our goal is to see our businesses flourish and generate superior long-term returns.  We are ecstatic to continue providing capital to fund profitable growth. 

  • Provide acqusitions funds

    • Acquisition of competitors or complementary businesses

    • Roll-ups or de novo build outs

  • Improve capital structure and lower cost of capital

    • New capital or collateral for cash management or capital structure optimization purposes

  • Facilitate changes in management or investors

    • Buy-out of key management teams

    • Investors seeking exits

    • Liquidity for special situations (e.g. family emergencies or leaves of absences)

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